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Food on a Budget, part 2

January 31, 2017 No Comments

First off, you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Woohoo!

If you didn’t see it on my Instagram, we found out last week that we’re having another girl! We are so excited! I’m so happy that our daughter will get a little sister, she will be such a great big sis to her. Yes, I already want to pull out all of the baby clothes and dream of putting this new little one in them. Yes, I am already imagining making them dress alike. And yes, I am aware of the future drama. Bring it on, though, because! I’m sure I’ll talk your ears off about this before she comes, so I’ll just get to why you came here today. FOOOOD!


It has been a while since I talked about this particular love of my life. During this first trimester, while I didn’t have any specific food aversions, I didn’t want to eat. Strong nausea=nothing sounded good. Now that I’m halfway through the second trimester, much of the time still nothing sounds good, but I feel like I always want to eat! Nothing specific, except that I always want a cheeseburger. But if that’s what I always want, regardless of pregnancy status, does that really count as a craving?

No lie, even typing this made me want one. Via MemeGenerator.

Though I may always want that cheesy goodness, we’re still poor students with our second baby on the way, so that doesn’t happen much. I will admit to buying those 75 cent bags of mini Cadbury eggs a couple of times. People, Target already has Easter candy out! Just a tiny little end cap by the Valentine’s Day candy, but they have the Cadbury out! #blessed, amiright? FYI, Easter candy is the best candy. Besides that, we are still trying to keep our grocery bill down as much as we can, so it’s high time I shared some affordable food joy again. Usually we have one or two meals that may be a little more expensive, but the rest are cheaper. Here’s what we have been eating lately:

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken by Lemon Tree Dwelling. This was so dang good, even my toddler downed it without hesitation. That’s a big deal, people. Make sure you make the coleslaw to top with, you won’t regret it! Also, afterwards I had the thought to grill pineapple slices and put it on the bottom bun before layering the slaw and chicken. Mmmm…next time…

Split Pea Soup by The Inventive Vegetarian. When we really need a cheap meal to balance out a pricier menu for the week, we hit this one up. It’s a vegetarian version, but we have added ham to it and it’s also delicious. The recipe shows how to make it stove top and in the crock pot. Tip from experience: one time we forgot to buy vegetable broth and just used water like the recipe says you can do. Nasty. We threw it out. This needs broth, don’t make it with just water.

Lazy Crockpot Lasagna by Spend With Pennies. Super yummy, toddler approved. To save money and be slightly less fat, I usually only use 2 cups of cheese and it tastes just as good. I also have added spinach and shredded zucchini to the sauce while it cooks on the stove in order to get more veggies in. This one is a fast crock pot meal. You can put it on high for an hour and a half and it’s done!

Hawaiian Haystacks by Real Mom Kitchen. You know how some dishes are really specific to location/culture/religion? This is a super Mormon dinner, but the world really should know about it. So simple, so tasty. Toppings we like: cashews, bell, tomato, cheese, olives, green onion, and tons of pineapple.

Healthy Pepperoni Pasta Salad by Well Plated. We ate this three weeks in a row. The sauce is crazy easy and fast to make and tastes way better than buying a jar. For some reason I thought the broccoli would taste weird, but it’s great in this.

BLT Egg Salad Sandwich by Two Healthy Kitchens. I love me a tasty sandwich and this does not disappoint. Trust me, you want to eat this.

Sweet Potato Irish Nachos by Skinnytaste. We simplify this even more than the recipe already does by only getting one kind of cheese and picking toppings we know and love. The seasoning on the potatoes is the bomb, though. Don’t change that.

These meals are good for anyone–married, single, mom, student, working mom, SAHM, and everyone in between. They’re tasty, filling, versatile, have lots of vegetables, AND they all make great leftovers too, which is super important for us. Next time you make your grocery list (which you should also be doing to save money!), try one or two of these and accept my “You’re welcome” ahead of time.

I give you the always relevant Amanda Bynes. Via MrWGifs
I give you the always relevant Amanda Bynes. Via MrWGifs

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