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“Mom needs a break” guilt

March 18, 2016 No Comments

“I feel guilty that I want a career so I can get away from my kids for a few hours.”

That was a text I sent my husband one morning after the baby made me want to shut down my ovaries.

I really did feel guilty. My baby is the coolest and I wasn’t patient enough to want to spend every waking moment with her. Scratch that, waking and unwaking moments is more honest. For real, though, parenthood kind of makes me feel like a big jerk sometimes.

Until I remember something my older sister said. I was telling her about someone who made some “she hasn’t realized that family is more important than career” sentiments about a single girl he knew with a demanding career. My sister rolled her eyes and said, “Why doesn’t he stay home with his kids all day and see how much he always wants to be there?”

I really like my sister.

Moments like those reassure me that I’m not a jerk. At least not a big one. Parenthood is hard. Work can be hard. It’s normal to need some time away from each, whether you work full-time or not. Whether you have one kid or eight.Take it from our new favorite show “Life in Pieces.”

Seriously, when’s it mommy’s turn? Also, I could write pages about how much I love this show and how perfect that couple is in this series. They are the story of my life right now. She’s my fave.

Anyways, back from the tangent girl crush… I’m a better mom when I get to take a little time away from my kid. Many moms do a regular “girl’s night” so they can have that time away. Nobody makes them feel like a jerk for needing that–and they shouldn’t. You shouldn’t feel that way if work does that for you. You get paid too, so that’s also a win!

Right now I only work a couple of hours a day and it’s pretty great. If there is a morning when I’m stressed out from a rough night or morning, I can go to work and cool down a bit. When I pick her up from the babysitter, I’m excited to see her and ready to play. Every day when the door opens and she sees me, she gets a big smile and starts kicking her legs and laughing. My heart and mind are renewed from the break and I’m ready to be a great mama again. Don’t beat yourself up over needing a break and especially not over working to provide for your angel/demon child. Enjoy your you time.

Because by the time bedtime comes you’ll likely be like this again:


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