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My Realest Reason for Working

July 21, 2016 No Comments

In my last post I gave a reason why I work and arbitrarily assigned it a number. Afterwards, I thought, “That really isn’t in any specific order, but if I were to list a bunch of reasons why I work, what would be my number one reason?”

My answer came pretty quickly.

It wasn’t about being a good example to younger girls. Or not “wasting” my education (an unfair attack on stay-at-home moms, btw). Or wanting to be a billionaire so freaking bad. Or getting away from the house. Or feeling guilty. Or being a workaholic. Or feeling like I have to be a modern woman who has it all. Or paying for some sweet vacations. Or breaking glass ceilings. Or paying my share of the rent. Or owing it to anyone.

Simply, my answer was this:

Because I like it.

How great is that? Sure, some of those reasons above play a role in my desire to work, but numero uno is that I like and want to work. And how lucky am I to live in a day and country where that is possible?

meaningful work

I started my new job this week and let me tell you, I am so excited to be an academic advisor again! My coworkers are nice, the pay is good, and my office is awesome–hello lake view! I had a new-hire orientation today and they talked a ton about the university’s mission. I was so impressed and am extra pumped to talk to students again about their education and plans for their future. To me, it’s super fulfilling. This is one of the weird loves of my life and that’s the best reason for me.

People don’t owe anyone a reason to why they want to work. I think it’s enough that they want to. So whatever your “work” is, I hope you love it.


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