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New Year, New Approach

December 31, 2016 No Comments

New Year’s is an interesting time of year. Sometimes it can be a grateful, “Thanks for the awesome times!” and sometimes you feel like, “Good riddance, stupid head.” Yeah, there are those years that reduce you to calling it a stupid head. 2016 wasn’t completely like either of those for me. There were absolutely bad and good things that happened. My child doesn’t sleep well so I’m alllways tired, a family member went through a pretty tough divorce that affected all of us, school was pretty tough, and the hardest was dealing with relatives taking advantage of my grandma’s age and vulnerability. Those things were pretty crappy and took a lot out of me. Some still do.

I actually really like New Years, I Just love his eye roll. Via Buzzfeed

BUUUUTTT….I did have a lot of great things happen, too!

  • My kid is the freaking coolest and I love watching her learn and grow.
  • I got a sweet job as an academic advisor at a great university.
  • Found a great daycare for my daughter to attend while I work part-time.
  • I did well in my classes and learned a whole heckuva lot.
  • Got a scholarship for this school year.
  • I finally finished reading the Harry Potter series. Ten years later…
  • I got to talk to my grandma before we lost contact with her, and at least I have peace with understanding what really happened.
  • We got out of our moldy apartment and into a brand new one for super cheap.
  • We got a nice keyboard so I can play piano more.
  • We stopped eating added sugar and I felt amazing, slept better,and lost most of the remaining stubborn baby weight in about 6 weeks.
  • Found out I was pregnant in October with baby #2!
  • Finally finished editing my children’s book and sent it to a publisher.
  • Got to go on a nice, long trip for Christmas so my daughter could spend time with family.
  • I will start 2017 with no more morning sickness! Let’s shout some hallelujah’s for that!

Most have been pretty small instances, but when they are put together they become an eventful year. As I’ve looked over the year, I’ve thought about what I wish could have been different, the ways I wish I had been different, and how I want to move forward with the New Year. Looking at my goals, I feel like I need to keep in mind what I want my 2017 to be full of.

A Year of Faith  I don’t talk much about my faith here, but it has always been a large part of my life. But since becoming a mother, my faith has changed. It’s harder. I feel more beat down in a lot of ways, question things more, trust God less, and struggle to find joy in the things that used to build my faith so much. I think the buzz word for that lately is “faith crisis.” Maybe it’s the stress of becoming a new mother, maybe some disillusionment with society, and some is struggling with the hard things have happened this year. Regardless of why, I know that I don’t want to stay feeling so separated from my faith. I’ve already begun making some changes and really seeking answers to my questions, and I want 2017 to be a year where I build a new and stronger relationship with God. One that reflects more of the woman I’m becoming.

A Year of Love It’s amazing when you think about how much love is involved in life. Love for family, for friends, for my fellow mankind, etc. I think my life self-improvement goal will always be to love people more, because sometimes I really suck at it. I have a lot to be full of love for, though. Awesome family, great friends (even if I don’t see most of them much), and a new little demon-child coming to us in June. There’s a lot of crazy happening in the world right now, and I want to do my part to combat that with love and compassion.

A Year of Health I mentioned above that we stopped eating added sugar in August and it totally blew my mind with how wonderful it was. That got a bit derailed with pregnancy, but now that the morning sickness is gone, I’m excited to go back to no added sugar and exercising more regularly. I want a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, healthy recovery, healthy postpartum sleep, to get my toddler to eat healthy food at home and not just at daycare (where she apparently will eat whatever you give her), and just an overall healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

A Year of Learning I really don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to school the semester after having the baby, or if I’ll need a little more time to learn how to manage two kids. I do know that I’ll never stop learning. Whether I’m in classes, reading books on my own, or studying things online I’m interested in, I’ll keep on learning. There is so much good in the world, and I want to know as much of it as I can.

Via Flickr

I’ve never done resolutions like this before, and I’m excited. Usually I have my list of things to do with specific steps, but they don’t always last the whole year. And we constantly change, so our goals change. Now that I have these themes to focus on, if my husband and I consider making a goal of a regular date nights, I can ask, “Is this going to help me have a year of faith/love/health/learning?” Why yes, yes it will.

I’m looking forward to more faith, love, health, and learning. Good luck with your goals, and let’s make 2017 awesome!

Rock on, Darth. Via Instagram

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