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Out Droppin’ Science, Son!

Work it Amy Farrah Fowler. Work it. I don’t really know when I became scared of science classes. In high school I took Biology and enjoyed dissections. Chemistry was fun because my cross-country coach was my teacher and he was hilarious. He also knew who I had a crush on and frequently made my assigned seat next to him, so that made Chem more enjoyable. Anatomy was challenging, but it was cool too. Regardless of when it happened, in college I ended…

Career Research Tools

This is where I admit to one of my favorite websites: The Bureau of Labor Statistics site. Who am I kidding? Of course I’m proud of that. I’m awesome. Honestly though, I have spent a lot of time on that thing. Specifically in its Occupational Outlook Handbook. For a person like me who randomly loves to research careers and education, it’s a gold mine of information.

Making your own decisions

“Mesa is full of girls with elementary education and dental hygiene majors.” I remember when a guy I knew said this. It was not intended as a compliment. It caused me to stop and think about my education plans. He had recently finished law school and moved here for a real job. He was also really attractive, which possibly had some effect on what I thought of his comment. My thoughts from that? Being a teacher must be lame. Dental hygienists are…

What was college for again?

I love education. I love school. Pretty sure my dream job is to get paid by colleges to try out degrees. Is that a thing? Can I make that a thing? I’d also throw in evaluating your college website because I have lots of frustrated experience with school websites. Most people that spend time around me learn pretty quickly that I geek out when it comes to school stuff. Have you ever heard of the concept of flow? That’s me when it…

Oh, hey!

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