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Making your own decisions

“Mesa is full of girls with elementary education and dental hygiene majors.” I remember when a guy I knew said this. It was not intended as a compliment. It caused me to stop and think about my education plans. He had recently finished law school and moved here for a real job. He was also really attractive, which possibly had some effect on what I thought of his comment. My thoughts from that? Being a teacher must be lame. Dental hygienists are…

What was college for again?

I love education. I love school. Pretty sure my dream job is to get paid by colleges to try out degrees. Is that a thing? Can I make that a thing? I’d also throw in evaluating your college website because I have lots of frustrated experience with school websites. Most people that spend time around me learn pretty quickly that I geek out when it comes to school stuff. Have you ever heard of the concept of flow? That’s me when it…

Oh, hey!

I'm just a #GirlPowerEnthusiast who thinks women and girls can do stuff and be who they want. Read More

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