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8 Ways to Show Courage at Work

When we think of jobs little kids say they want when they grow up, what type do they typically come up with? Firefighters, police officers, Wonder Woman…jobs that we can easily equate with bravery. But what about who you are now? Do you see bravery in being an engineer, a teacher, an executive assistant, a communications manager, or a number of other fields? Maybe our job doesn’t necessarily conjure up visions of bravery, but maybe we need to look a little closer….

My 2020 Word of the Year

We are a week into 2020! After this first week, does anyone else already feel like 2020 is going fast? Almost twelve months ago I chose “Be Intentional” as my guiding phrase for 2019. I had goals for my family, finances, my education, and personal development. I wrote,

Slowing Down: Making Room to be Intentional

As I shared a couple of months ago, I’m taking life a little slower these days. And I super love it. I didn’t stop taking classes this semester just so I could fill it up with a ton of other things to do, as evident by my lack of blogging much. I still plan on continuing to share and have been working on content, but I’m basically taking everything slow while I better figure out what I want my life to look…

Putting Grad School on Pause

I decided not to take classes this Fall. And, honestly, I may not return to my grad program at all. It tugs at my heartstrings a little, but I feel like the more I say it, the better it feels. You guys, I’ve had a weird summer. To be honest, it started out amazing. I finished my first year of my Masters with a 4.0 at the end of April and was ready for four glorious months of not doing anything but…

We’ve reached a major goal!

Oh hey, friends! It has been a minute since I posted anything on the blog. Mostly I’ve been enjoying the summer without any self-imposed deadlines for non-essential things. And it has been lovely! But, I absolutely was not going to let today pass without acknowledging a HUGE goal achieved in the Matilda & Jo fam. My husband started grad school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (still not enough exclamations) He’ll probably be embarrassed by this, but dang, we have been working towards this goal since before…

A Mom in Grad School: How I Survived the 2nd Semester

So at the end of last semester I wrote a post about what really helped me be successful during my first semester of grad school. Want to know what helped me finish my second semester? Crying. A fair amount of crying Okay, maybe it didn’t help me, but was more of a byproduct of this semester. This semester was nuuuuuts. Even with continuing what I was doing before and improving in the areas I wanted to, it was hard. Right off the…

After Maternity Leave: the Best Gear to Bring

A week ago was all about the working moms in my office! On Tuesday I ran into a mom on her first day back from maternity leave. It’s her second child, but the first time she has left a newborn at home to go back to full-time work. The next day at work I met a woman who is 39 weeks pregnant with her first and is planning to continue working after maternity leave ends. And then I also talked daycare with…

How to Stay Motivated to Pursue Your Calling

So I totally had a different blog post planned for today, but I’m going to push that out until next week because I feel like maybe a lot of us need this reminder. It’s no secret that I’m busy and it’s a love/hate relationship. I love the things I’m doing, but I cringe when people start off a conversation with me by saying, “I know you are so busy…” It feels like it’s supposed to be a compliment, but how do you…

How to Get Rid of Mom-Guilt with one word

Mom guilt is stupid. Guilt alone isn’t a terrible thing. It helps us recognize that we’ve done wrong, because we feel wrong. That’s human and that’s healthy. But that’s not what people mean when they use the term “mom guilt.” What they mean is a mixed up bag of gendered emotions, expectations, shortcomings, failures, stereotypes, and people-pleasing tendencies. It’s shame for not being whatever picture-perfect image of a mother you have in your head. And every mother experiences it to varying degrees….

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