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My 2019 Phrase of the Year

I am a total dud on New Years. We were in bed at 10 p.m. and it was lovely. When your kids are up at 5 more often than not, midnight is nothing special to stay up for. But I do love New Years. I love taking down Christmas and realizing that my home is 5x bigger than it felt like with the tree up. I love reflecting on the year and imagining what is coming up in the next. I love…

A Mom in Grad School: What Really Helped the First Semester

I cried a little when I saw my grades from this semester. Surprise, surprise, right? It’s not like I haven’t had all A’s before. I did well in undergrad and would’ve gotten into grad school before if I had continued on the route that I had originally wanted. But it was way different this time. Now I’m married with two kids and work full-time. We haven’t gone more than two weeks without someone in our house being sick. My daughter had another…

19 Awesome Gifts for the Working Moms in your Life

Can you believe Christmas is next month?!? It still feels like we just moved to Utah, but this will be our second Christmas here. My baby will be 18 months old, we’ll have a 3 ½ year old, they’re practically in college already and it’s all going by so fast. That’s why I like the holiday season, it gives some time to slow down and focus on things that are meaningful to us. Jesus, hot chocolate by the tree, and paid time…

What to tell the overwhelmed working mom

You guys. I had this whole blog post ready to go for today about my surprise at how not-overwhelmed I’ve been so far and we can do new and hard things and girl power–yeah! And then I cried at daycare drop off today. So, there’s that Apparently I’m a little more whelmed than I thought.

How to prioritize when you have no time

With everything I have going on, my current priorities seem pretty simple. Spend time with my family Do well in school Don’t suck at my job Don’t neglect my needs (physical, mental, spiritual) When I put them at those basic levels, that seems pretty easy. But then reality hits and there are a million things clamoring for attention. Textbooks. Church. Meal planning. Grocery shopping. Exercise. Work events. Community events. Date night. One-on-one with each kid. Call mom. Call grandma. Text my siblings…

To My Daughters As I Start School

My little girlfriends, You two are the best. I never knew how much personality could come in such small packages. Or how much my emotions can make my heart pound. There are so many times I sit at my desk and look at pictures of you on my phone, and my heart is ready to burst with love. No matter what else I do in life, our family will always be my greatest accomplishment. For the past few months I have been…

4 Important Lessons for a First-Time Boss

My first big kid job out of college was in a department on campus I had worked as a student. My former boss had too much on his plate, so they divided his responsibilities and hired me. It was an interesting dynamic, but he was great and I learned a heck of a lot from that job. It was a strong foundation for where my career has taken me since. That being said, holy Hannah was I green! I had several “lead…

Super Easy Freezer Breakfast Burrito

My typical weekday morning: Wake up at 5am, thirty minute workout, shower, hop out of the shower, and one or both of my kids wakes up before I can even put some clothes on. And thus begins the mad dash to get us all ready and out of the house. Preferably without the girls hurting each other. Who’s with me? It’s a frenzy no matter how prepared I am the night before, because #kids. Now that they are back in daycare, I…

Start your movement

Did you ever see the TED talk about how to start a movement? It’s one of my favorites. Check it out real quick: It’s totally like this, lone nut and all. It’s not necessarily difficult, but it can be tricky. Like most people, I can be pretty passionate about the things I care for. There are a lot of movements I’d love to see take off like this that have a little more far-reaching effects than dancing at a concert.

Yes, Jesus wants you to get an education

A few days ago a blog post went viral, and not because it was good. I’m not going to link to it because she has already gotten enough attention over it and it’ll probably just make you as annoyed as I was. In a nutshell, she said that God doesn’t want women to get an education because 1) men don’t want to marry a woman with debt, 2) men don’t want to have babies with educated feminist heathens who haven’t been taught…

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