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Saving the Planet: Books, toys, & websites to encourage your daughter’s environmentalism

July 29, 2020 No Comments

“Smoke, you leave the air alone!” 

My daughter yelled that as we passed the old Geneva Steel mill. It’s actually water vapor that comes out of it, but she saw it as smoke. And she hated it. She was three.

Part of that may be because the previous two summers were bad fire years with lots of smoke that got us all sick, especially her. For about a year she would point out smoke in the air and get mad at it. 

It has been fascinating to watch my kids care about the earth from such a young age. They may not realize they’re interested in saving the planet, but these bitty environmentalists make me proud and excited to see what they come up with to preserve our one and only home.

There are a lot of ways to have a career involved in the environment, from scientists and biologists, to lawyers and engineers. Heck, there are lots of ways to be involved in the work outside of a career. So even if she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet, you can provide her with opportunities to learn more about the environment and the many ways people are taking care of our earth!

Last week we looked at fun activities you can do together to encourage her love for the environment and saving the planet, and today is all about websites, books, toys, and fun social media accounts to keep building her up!

Saving the Planet: books, toys and websites to encourage your daughter's environmentalism

This post contains affiliate links. That means at no extra cost to you, I make a small  commission on products ordered

Environmental Websites

These websites have a ton of great games and activities for your daughter to do under parental supervision!

NOAA Games The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a bunch of games about oceans and air for your kids to learn from. Games that have her plan a city resilient to climate change, clean up a marine environment, prepare for severe weather, or even work on jigsaw puzzles.

Discover the Forest This page has compiled some games and activities to help your daughter explore the earth and habitats.

National Geographic Family This is a great resource to help parents learn how to better help their kids explore the world. The menu has options to filter by topic, including a whole section on the environment. 

Instagram Accounts

I’ll start off with a reminder that I don’t think kids should have free access to social media accounts, for their protection as well as their development. So even though I haven’t seen anything questionable on these accounts, I always recommend that you view them *with* your daughter.


This is a great list of environmental books for you and your daughter. My daughters loved The Water Princess and The Lorax, and I’m excited for them to get little older to read the chapter books with them! Remember, you don’t have to buy all of this stuff, libraries are wonderful!


I hope this list is helpful and gives you some ideas for more ways to bring environmental issues into your daughter’s play and encourage her passion for saving the planet!

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