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Hey Friends!

Welcome to Matilda & Jo! I’m Katie and I believe in the power of women! M&J is the place for women to find support and empowerment to create a life they want.

My motherhood and career journey has been a bit different than I expected. Becoming a mother while navigating career, marriage, and personal development has been an experience. Lots of tears, laughs, increasingly emerging gray hairs, and many many mornings late to work.

At times it has been overwhelming. I realized that I was prepared to do school, but not necessarily prepared to do life beyond school.

I’m not talking about adulting, I was perfectly capable. But I really didn’t consider how the different parts of my life and who I am would work together.

These early years of motherhood have had me question, “Can I nurture my own development and my daughters’ simultaneously?”

During my efforts to answer that, I’ve had two more questions,

“Can you really nurture your daughters’ development if you’re not nurturing your own?”

“What do I want to nurture, anyway?”

My answers?

First, No. I don’t believe you can really nurture your children if you’re not nurturing yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Second—this is a fun question, which will be different for us all. What do I personally want to nurture in myself and kids? Happiness. Contentment. Family. Connection. Kindness. Ambition. Confidence. Optimism. Dream chasing. People building. And having a freaking fun time doing it!

What will you find at Matilda & Jo?

Content that will help you live more intentionally, whether in your education, career, family, or self-care practices. A more purposeful and fulfilled woman equals a happier partner and mother. And seeing that in you is an amazing gift to give your daughter.

There will also be specific content related to providing your daughters with exposure to their possibilities. Through activities, books, products, inspiring women, and resources, you can help them explore their interests. There are other websites that mostly direct you to products to buy, but I hope that you and your daughter experience #aspiringtogether!

Who is Matilda & Jo for?

M&J is for women who want support as they navigate their goals + motherhood, and want to help their daughters see their potential, too. And for anyone else who wants to support them!

Whether you work or not, have a PhD or a GED, are a Pinterest mom or an Amazon Prime mom–welcome!

Who are Matilda & Jo?

My two most favorite childhood characters were Matilda Wormwood and Jo March. They had adventures, were smart, kind, resourceful, and had big plans for their futures. I wanted to be just like them and want my own daughters to learn from them!

Who am I?

I am Katie, a mom of two awesome girls, wife to their doting father, working through postpartum anxiety and PTSD, and a university academic advisor. I’ve worked with traditional and non-traditional students from all over the world. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping students realize they actually CAN do what they want and there are paths to get there!

I also like learning how to do new things, being crafty-ish, going to museums and cultural festivals, reading, being outside, and doing fun stuff with the fambam.

I firmly believe that hiring a baby sleep consultant is the most under-utilized piece of advice given to new moms, which would change women’s motherhood. Trust me. Get yo’self some sleep, mama!

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