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Tears on Christmas

January 2, 2016 No Comments

My husband’s yearly Christmas goal is to get me a gift that makes me cry.

Last year I teared up at the Winnie the Pooh picture he drew for our baby’s room.

This year, though…I legitimately cried. Like, he done made tears come outta my face.

Rico knows what I’m talking about

Back story–I have a goal in life to get a book published. I really enjoy writing and occasionally get ideas for a story and write them down. A couple of years ago I wrote a Christmas story that I loved. I only sent it to one publisher to look at and they weren’t interested. They’re the only one I know of that will look at your work without having an agent so as of now I’m not sure what to do with it. For now it’s just hanging out waiting for me to figure something out.

Anyways, I knew he had gotten me something from Shutterfly and assumed it was a photo album of us and/or the baby. I finally opened the box and after a moment realized what was on the cover. An image of a Christmas tree and the title of my story, with me listed as the author. I opened it up and saw my story printed on the pages alongside pictures of Christmases throughout my life. Oh dang did I cry. It was beautiful. He won Christmas.

So why do I bring this up?

Because there are supportive people and there are sucky people. Sometimes you talk to people who don’t understand why you’re in school (maybe for 2nd time), why you want to be a working mother (or why you don’t want to be), or a number of other reasons why you’re moving forward with your life goals. If you’re super lucky you even get to be around the person who questions what another woman is doing with her life, knowing you’re doing the same thing and within earshot. To them, I say this heartily:


My husband does a lot of good things, but opening that gift reminded me of just how supportive he is of my goals. Publishing a book one day may not be super realistic, but he always encourages me to write and listens to my story ideas. Another book I wrote was 233 typed pages and took me several months to write. He frequently reminded me to write and read it more than once.

When it comes to my education and career, he continues to support my goals. We’re not sure which one of us is going to do grad school first. I appreciate that it isn’t automatically him because we want him to be the primary breadwinner while I work part-time. There are benefits for me going first, just as there are for him to go first. It’s something that we’ll continue to discuss and figure out.

As the New Year begins, keep moving forward with your goals and soon enough you’ll be at the end of 2016, reflecting on how much you were able to accomplish! Whether they are friends, family, a spouse, a co-worker, or whoever–supportive people rock. The things they say matter a heck of a lot more than the things that sucky people say, so keep them close and return the love! Good luck with your plans, you’re gonna do great!



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