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Two Kids: the First Two Weeks

July 14, 2017 No Comments

Heaven help us, we have two kids!

If you saw my Instagram, you may have noticed that we had quite the busy week before and after baby girl #2 arrived. In a nutshell, here was our life those two weeks:

Graduation. Broken toddler foot. Back labor. Baby! Spinal headache. Blood patch. Spinal headache. Blood patch. ER trip for newborn who got whacked in the head by sister’s cast. Aaand spinal headache. Blood patch. Bed rest.

Whew! It was nuts. Adding a second kid to the family is busy, but I was not anticipating all the crazy. It is really nice to be home, with the death-headache gone, and spend time with my family. My daughter adores her new sister, the baby is starting to smile, and we’re starting to venture out of our house for a little bit now that the cast is off. Hallelujah–toddlers in casts that  can’t get wet when it’s 100 degrees out is just cruel!

Everything changes with the birth of a second child!
If you look close, you can see that my toddler is “wiping” Elmo. She has seen a lot of diaper changes lately and wanted to get in on the action.

During those couple of weeks, I was reminded how great women are. I’m always a fan of women in healthcare, and in those two weeks I met with female pediatricians, Physician’s Assistants, nurses, an OB/GYN resident, doctors, medical assistants, occupational therapists, anesthesiologists, pediatric dentists, and dental assistants. As my daughters and I went through different procedures during that time, I couldn’t help but think of how cool it was to see so many women in health care.

In addition to the women in health care, the women in my life were amazing, too. There were four different nights where people came over to watch our daughter while we had to run to the hospital for various reasons. I got texts every day for a week from different people asking if they could bring us dinner. A few people stopped by our home to check on me. Ladies at church brought gifts. And I got a lot of texts from my friends all over the country checking in on me too.

Everything changes when you have a second child!
One of the many sweet gifts I received.

I had a lot of anxiety about this delivery. Not having any family around stressed me the heck out. I was mostly worried about who would help us with our daughter. Then there’s the anxiety about raising two daughters in this world. How will I teach them their value? How to love and respect themselves? How to reject society’s messages about who they are? How can I help them believe that they can do anything? That they can be kind and strong? And about a billion other important things?

But then I think of all the women who helped us. So many served us with their different skill sets and talents, whether they were being paid for it or not. We benefited greatly from the medical care we received, as well as from the stay at home moms who made time to cook an extra dinner for us. While I don’t currently live by family, I do feel the community that women have created around me. All of those billion things I want to teach my daughters? Our first two crazy weeks reminded me that my husband and I won’t be the only ones teaching them.

And I feel pretty great about that.


**Also, I can’t forget to mention the men who helped us out during this time too! One of the professors in my department brought us dinner and several husbands helped their wives help us out too! We’re so lucky to know so many great people!

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