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What was college for again?

June 1, 2015 No Comments

I love education. I love school. Pretty sure my dream job is to get paid by colleges to try out degrees. Is that a thing? Can I make that a thing? I’d also throw in evaluating your college website because I have lots of frustrated experience with school websites.

Most people that spend time around me learn pretty quickly that I geek out when it comes to school stuff. Have you ever heard of the concept of flow? That’s me when it comes to education planning. The day the junior high showed up to the sixth grade class to explain how to pick our classes…oh my, I was in heaven. Every year I had a couple different versions of my desired class schedule and electives all mapped out. People–they let you pick electives! This nerdliness did not end in junior high; I was like this in high school, community college and the university I transferred to. I may or may not have taken it upon myself to be my siblings academic advisor as well.

Long story short, I eventually came up with a plan for my major and career plans and worked towards that, but due to several reasons I decided to wait on applying to grad school for a little while. The real surprise came trying to find a job with a liberal arts degree. Yikes. I quickly realized that as prepared as I was for grad school, I was not really prepared to enter any type of career. Which is a bummer if you are entering the workforce. It kind of leaves you feeling a little like this:


The frustration of unemployment/underemployment lead me to learn about a lot of careers that I had never really considered before. A lot of things I learned caused me to wonder why I had never heard of these departments at school before. Why didn’t I know what Industrial Design was–and that I think I would have loved it? Or why didn’t I learn that Occupational Therapy is more than just teaching old people how to do things after they have a stroke? I would have been really happy with Speech Pathology, but I had no idea it was more than helping kids with a lisp. So many things incorporate what I like about Psychology with a creative outlet, but the Psych department definitely didn’t talk to us about that in the info meetings.




Which brought new questions about what the heck I had paid for and why there wasn’t much direction in helping those of us who weren’t sure what we wanted. Sure there were plenty of clubs, but they were focused on people who already knew what they were doing. The rest of us defaulted into the liberal arts, education, or nursing. Ladies, we deserve better than that!

There’s not anything particularly wrong with liberal arts, education or nursing, but did you know that you had other options? More than just the “you can do whatever you want in life” type of knowledge–did you know what that even meant? Did you know who to go to for mentoring? Do you really understand your financial aid options and that there are a lot of ways to make it more affordable? Did you know that not everyone needs or should have a Bachelors degree? That’s what this is about: opening your eyes to what’s available so you can better prepare for your future.

Because having an education is cool, but having an education that gets you a job, insurance and doesn’t leave you with insane debt is cooler.

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